Desiigner AKA Sidney royel selby 3rd is a  an amreican rapper and is relatively new to the game. he was signed by  kayne West under his” good music”label  and hit the big time with his debut single (PANDA).. This debut single went to number1 in the US billboards.

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Mc Ren, formally of the hip-hop act NWA released a solo album back in 1990 “.C.P.O TO HELL AND BLACK ” Released on Capital records for mc Ren productions. This album comprised of 10 trax with some excellent rap and samples. My stand out track is on side 2 (HOMICIDE) enjoy.


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Roxanne Shante aka Lolita Gooden is a rapper and MC from Queens Bridge, New York, U.S.A. Shante got her big break when she stepped in to record freestyle  for Marley Marl. This was the start of something big i.e .the Roxanne Revenge ‘answer records’ … first the battle of words were between the “Real Roxanne” and UTFO . this spawned about over 10 ‘answer records’ including MC Shan , Sparky Dee just to name a few. Stand out trak : Roxanne Revenge .




Young MC, aka Marvin Young is a English born rapper who as a boy moved to America (Queens New York). Young got his first break when he was offered a record deal after rapping down the phone. The record company (Delicious Vinyl were so impressed they promptly sent him a record deal through the post).His first album “Stone cold rhyming”was received well internationally but subsequent album didn’t have the same impact. Stand out trak  : Know How

J.V.C. F.O.R.C.E.



J.V.C. F.O.R.C.E.  – a Hip Hop group from New York area best known for the wicked trax ‘Strong island … the trio name was inspired by Japanese electronics giant JVC that was very popular at the time  – assigned to B-Boy Records in 1987 and arguably the most successful for the label owned by Jack Allen. .
Stand out track ‘Strong Island’ based around Freda Payne’s  Unhooked Generation.




MC Duke,  aka  Anthony  Hilaire is a MC and music producer.
Duke got his first big break after being spotted battling on stage by the late Derek B. he was introduced to Simon Harris who signed him to signed his ‘Music of Life’ label … Duke had great success with the early Hip-Hop scene in the UK – one of his stand-out trax being ‘Miracles’ featuring samples by The Jackson Sisters. He later went on to produce some of the best Jungle tunes.