Drake – born Aubrey Drake Graham is a Canadian Rapper also a songwriter
His first major success was with his debut album ( Thank me later).
The album came in at number one in the US Billboard back in 2009.
Released on Cash Money records/Motown. Stand out track “Fireworks”





Afrika Bambaataa & The Soul Sonic Force are/were an Electro Hip-Hop group from the U.S.A known for  being one of the early founders of the said genre

Bambaattaa released a trak in 1982 called Planet Rock and was a great success both in the U.S.A. and  the U.K …  inspired and including elements from Germany’s electronic band Kraftwerk and their heavy use of vocoders – this is a  hard hitting track that replicates the scenes of the Hip-Hop Electro  movement in the early 80s. which was produced by Arthur Baker recorded on Tommy Boy Records







Spoonie Gee aka Gabriel Jackson is one of the earliest Rap artists, and one of the few rap to release trax in the 1970s. Spoonie released a solo album called “The Godfather of Rap”. He also recorded and released trax as part of the group Treacherous Three on Sugar Hill … he also recorded on Tuff City Records, Enjoy Records amongst others





7 A 3  were a Hip Hop group from California, U.S.A. consisting brothers Brett and Sean Bouldin & Larry Muggerud aka ‘Dj Mugs’ they released one album titled “Coolin in Cali.” … of the 11 trax – 8 were produced  by ‘Joe “The Butcher” Nicoli  … a variety of singles were released from the album but this was the standout trak


E.P.M.D, a rap duo from New York have been making Rap trax since the 1980s. They dropped the brilliant trak ” Strictly Business” . This featured elements from Bob Marley’s “I shot the sheriff” And also the name of the first album. E.P.M.D stands for ‘Erick and Parish making Dollars.’ … released on Fresh – an offshoot of Sleeping Bag Records




KC Flightt released a track back called “Planet E” … Flightt is/was an MC (Master of Ceremonies) – yes, but one more aligned with House than with Hip-Hop.
His trax is still being played across the world by big-named Djs. He was also part of saxophonist Bill Evans’ Acid Jazz project called  Push – which released two albums. The track called Planet E has a “sample/interpolation” taken from ‘Once in a life time  – Talking Heads’